Escape to the coastline of Chiba and experience Japan in a whole different way!
Our unique private SUP tours guided by certified professional SUP surfers will take you to places no one else can.

Kamogawa welcomes those who are ready to embrace the ocean and the outdoors!

2 hours away from Tokyo, Kamogawa is home to the Kamogawa Sea World Adventure aquarium, Kanto region’s largest aquarium with over 11,000 examples of sea life on display, tropical coastline with palm trees facing the Pacific, clear blue waters, gentle sea breeze and amazing colors of twilight and sunset skies, and a little town surrounded by green mountains. Come on down and enjoy the incredibly fun adventure of SUP!

Where is Kamogawa?

Kamogawa has been a popular surfing spot since the early 1960s and known where Japan’s first ever surfing competition was held in 1965. Because of its long-standing surfing history, the area continues to produce world-class surfers. Located in the south east of the Boso Peninsula, Kamogawa is not only a beach town but offers massive nature with exquisite mountains and hillside area which makes Kamogawa geographically and culturally unique.

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