Monster SUP

Monster SUP (Duration: 60mins)
Rate: Adults/Child ¥2,000
Pickup location: NONKEY CAFE (Kamogawa)

Regular sized Stand-up paddle boards are fine and all if you’re looking to do some board paddling while all alone on your board. But what if you’d like to enjoy the company of a small crowd right next to you on your board? The world’s giant SUP board experience is available now with us. If you’re curious to know everything, bring your friends and families with you and try this ridiculously large stand up paddle board, we call it “Monster SUP.”

Rareness: ★★★★★
Great for families, friends and large groups.

Program: (60mins)
SUP ground training/safety instructions: 15mins
On water boarding: 45mins

SUP Paddle Set included
SUP Trained Guide included
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