Tropical coastline with palm trees facing the Pacific, clear blue waters, gentle sea breeze and amazing colors of twilight and sunset skies, and a little town surrounded by green mountains....only 2 hours away from Tokyo, Kamogawa welcomes those who are ready to embrace the ocean and the outdoors!
Come on down and enjoy the fun adventure of SUP with us!


What is SUP?

SUP stands for “standup paddle boarding” and has its roots where all board sports have their beginnings, in Hawaii. SUP uses a surf style board and a long paddle. In that regard, it is a cross between canoeing and surfing. With knowledge of conditions and respect for local laws and precautions, sup is a safe activity for people of all ages, sizes and athletic ability. Even it's been said that SUP is a healthy shape-up exercise for women! Many Olympians and professional athletes have jumped on board for a complete cross training workout. If you are a beginner, you’ve picked a great place to start - Kamogawa! Come join our certified and professionally trained SUP team here at Kamogawa Chiba to begin your SUP adventure!



Born and raised in Kamogawa, Chiba. A local paddler with extensive knowledge of the local surf points and off the beaten tracks in the area. In 2017, Sai-chan passed the professional SUP Surf test and is a certified Professional SUP Association of JAPAN (PSA-J) instructor.